Welcome to Flatlands Coffee! We’re so grateful for you and honored that you chose to spend time in our space!

Since we value each and every one of our guests, we owe it to you to have absolute clarity in our expectations and policies. Our policies are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience to everyone, so they are to be upheld without exception and are fully inclusive of all persons.

Purchase Requirements
At Flatlands Coffee, we not only sell the finest quality product we possibly can, but also the most positively memorable experience! Part of this experience comes from our intentional investment in our space. Much like a restaurant, our space is reserved for paying guests, so that we may sell the full experience.

Since coffee shops tend to have varying policies on this, we understand how confusion and assumptions may be made. If we suspect a guest has no plan of making a purchase, nor is waiting to meet someone who will make a purchase, we will begin the following process

1. Tell them about our purchase policy
2. Hand them a print out of our purchase policy and warn them of the next step
3. Ask them to leave (police may be present)

Bathroom use is permitted without purchase so long as our space is treated respectfully. We understand when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Respectful & Appropriate
Flatlands Coffee is an uplifting and positive space, so we ask for common courtesy to our fellow guests and the Flatlands team. We reserve the right to deny service to and/or remove anyone for:

1. Intoxication
2. Hateful language, profanity, or offensive behavior
3. Inappropriate physical conduct
4. Engaging with other guests in a way that impedes their desired experience
5. Any verbal or non-verbal action or display that causes others to feel unsafe, uncomfortable, violated, or disrupted from their rightful experience

A Few Prohibited Items & Actions
The following is prohibited:

1. All outside food or drink. However, kids under 14 are exempt and there are specific outside food guidelines for paid event reservations; please refer to our policy on that page.
2. All pets and animals inside the building, except for properly identified service animals. Service animals should remain on a leash or in a harness under the control of the owner and must wear a certified service vest.
3. Smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes, or any product that produces smoke or vapor.
4. Masks may not be worn by anyone over the age of 14, unless required for medical purposes.
5. Any item we determine may be harmful or disruptive.

Our Rights
We reserve the right to:

1. Deny entry or to require a person to leave our premises without refund, liability or compensation as we deem appropriate.
2. Change hours of operation without notice.
3. Change or modify our policies without notice.