17 Best Coffees of 2017

433 coffees in 2017 ...we aren't called an 'extreme multi-roaster shop' for nothing!!

433 coffees in 2017 ...we aren't called an 'extreme multi-roaster shop' for nothing!!

FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE different coffees (yes, 433!) across 85 different roasters, is a ton to try in a year ...and that's exactly what we did! After spending the last week reviewing, debating, and reminiscing,  we’re excited to announce the top 17 coffees of 2017. They’re in no particular order, but are rather the top couple picks across several members of our team for a more well-rounded list.

1. Olympia Colombia Mauricio Shattah Gesha Natural: swooped in at the last second of 2017 and an obvious standout with maraschino cherry aroma and the unique, pleasant flavors of merlot, brown sugar, orange, clove, and sweet cranberry  —Ben Vollmar, owner/ barista

2. Coma Kenya Nyeri Hill: an excellent coffee from several roasters this year; this one from Coma, offered a perfect melody of sweet cream, peach ring, honey, & chamomile —Ben Vollmar 

3. Kickapoo Ethiopia Charbanta: even though Ethiopian coffees aren’t typically my favorite, this one continually left me dreaming of more, craving its unusually sweet and nutty flavor —Cassy Vollmar, owner/ interior designer

4. 49th Parallel Ethiopia Kayon Mountain: incredibly clean, intense light fruit, floral, my favorite —Richie Arndorfer, barista/ music consultant

5. Huckleberry Ethiopia Ardi: I’ve never been so transported: to a mid-summer porch swing, eating a saltine cracker with strawberry jam and a light cheese spread, enjoying the breeze —Richie Arndorfer

6. Onyx Ethiopia Gesha Village Natural: I had a spiritual experience drinking this coffee, with string notes of wine, honey, and happiness —Zack Mickens, barista/ director of efficiency & operations

Coffee wall of fame

Coffee wall of fame

7. Onyx Ethiopia Hambela Buku Natural: I drank over 400 unique coffees this year, and went back to this one time and time again while we had it in - a distinct honor —Zack Mickens

8. George Howell Colombia San Jose De Pedregal: a delicious reminder that Flatlands’ has a sweet spot for both fruit-forward coffees and coffee like this with strong bourbon, chocolate, and honey notes —Stephen Jenkins, experience consultant/ product engineer

9. Heart Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Gedeb: go down to Georgia and pick a peach straight off the branch and that’s this coffee —Laura Skebba, barista

10. Tim Wendelboe Honduras Nacimiento Pacas: smooth like butter, but a flavor profile that starts a mosh pit with your tastebuds —Laura Skebba

11. Ruby Rwanda Gatare: the tasting notes had candied cherry and that’s what I got as soon as I smelled it, then in the first sip, and throughout as it cooled; it's one of the most consistent, smoothest, and enjoyable coffees I’ve ever had —Max Taylor, barista/ multi-roaster relations

12. 49th Parallel Ethiopia Gigessa: a very rich, fruity cup of coffee with a refreshing floral aroma complemented well alongside an orange scone —Khoa Truong, Instagram stories/ photography teamember



13. Olympia Burundi Mikuba Honey: my all-time favorite coffee.. A cup of pure sweet goodness, so good that I came back for a 2nd cup the same day and it was already gone —Rachel Diaz, barista/ chocolate program leader

14. Tim Wendelboe Honduras Christmas Nacimiento: perfect for a snowy day, this cup is full of comfort and those holiday flavors that make you want to snuggle up by the fire —Rachel Diaz

15. 49th Parallel Honduras Finca Bonanza: brilliant on pourover, but exquisit on espresso; chocolaty in flavor and perfect pair for milk —Moriah Gentry, barista

16. Florin Burundi Buziraguhindwa: a total blast of stone fruit and blackberries and found that enjoying it iced brought the flavors to a whole new level —Moriah Gentry

17. Blanchard’s Colombia Finca El Ocaso 18/18: like a black rose, this coffee’s darkness was beautifully fatal —Meagan Lewandowski, photography teamember

That completes our top 17 picks of the year! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these in 2018 and see what you think. Tell us, what coffees and roasters were your favorites and think we should look for this year? Please share in the comments below!

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