18 Best Coffees of 2018


WHO’S TRIED MORE THAN ONE NEW COFFEE PER DAY ...and THREE roasters every two weeks?! Believe it or not, WE HAVE!! During the year of 2018, we tried 422 different coffees from 86 different roasters and now, we collected a list of the absolute best!

To harness personal taste subjectivity and strengthen our list, we collected a couple favorite coffees per team member for a wider spread of preferences - making our list even more accurate!

Without further ado, here are the 18 best coffees of 2018 and in no particular order:

1. Sump Ethiopia Celinga Natural: Redefining the meaning of “complex” with notes of chamomile, raspberry, lemon cream pie, fudge, and balanced with outstanding sweetness and vibrancy.. It tastes so clean, I can’t believe it’s a natural process coffee —Ben Vollmar, head director/ barista/ roaster

2. Congregation Kenya Ndaro Ini: A good Kenyan coffee is usually the best and this was a mind-blowing surprise tasting like spiced cider, brown sugar, marshmallow, candied lemon, and sage —Ben Vollmar

3. Kickapoo Guatemala Adenisa: I was stunned at first sip with its perfect natural creaminess and its natural sweet, rich chocolate, nut, and vanilla flavor.. a perfect coffee in my book —Cassy Vollmar, head director/ interior designer

4. Huckleberry Ethiopia Ardi Natural: It's unreal - like sweet caneloupe ice cream with an almond aftertaste —Cassy Vollmar

5. Madcap Ethiopia Reko: As I looked over our long list of coffees I realized that I’m really bad at remembering specific coffees and need to take better notes (and get my choices in sooner so that they aren’t taken by other people LAURA); but I know I’ll never forget the first third wave coffee I had, which I’ve had many times since and which, this past week, I made the best cup of it I’ve had yet — the same notes I love with an extra notch of cane sugar sweetness —Richie Arndorfer, barista/ music consultant

6. Actual Coffee Ethiopia Ardi: We’d been getting Actual Coffee’s naturally processed Ardi for years so I was stoked when a washed version of it showed up; not only did it not disappoint, but took me completely by surprise with its lush floral and stone fruit sweetness —Richie Arndorfer

7. Sump Burundi Rango: I would consistently sing the theme song from the movie ‘Rango’ while preparing and drinking this fantastic, citrus forward coffee —Zack Mickens, barista/ director of efficiency & operation

8. Talor & Jorgen Ethiopia Gore Kone Werka: Talor & Jorgen absolutely nailed this peachy, floral coffee with a precise roast that I found unparalleled by many, many roasters —Zack Mickens

9. Passion House Ecuador San Agustin Estate: Passion House quickly became one of my all time favorite roasters this year, but this coffee really sold me on them —Laura Skebba, barista/ director of vinyl etiquette


10. Five & Hoek Guatemala La Bendiction: Absolutely the best Guatemalan coffee I’ve ever had —Laura Skebba

11. Brandywine Colombia San Pascual Natural: I’m a sucker for a good natural, and this one was so yummy and sweet! It’s like your favorite song, I had it on repeat for quite some time —Rachel Diaz, barista/ manager

12. Tim Wendelboe Kenya Karogoto Espresso: “Ethereal - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world” (Google dictionary) —Rachel Diaz  

13. Methodical Burundi Gishubi: This coffee’s juicy flavor of blackberry and creamy chocolate after taste makes this coffee very easy to love —Moriah Gentry, barista/ team leader

14. Five & Hoek Burundi Mikuba: I’m not usually a fruity tasting coffee kind of person, but this Burundi Mikuba made taste notes of tropical fruit and cherry very approachable —Moriah Gentry

15. Stovetop Roasters Ethiopia Burka Gudina: Imagine Grandma’s strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and a dusting of sugar on top, that’s this coffee —Aaron Bremer, barista/ competition assistant/ team leader

16. Neat Mexico Huehuetecpan: Take the ripest peach, dip it in gourmet, melted dark chocolate and you’ve found this coffee —Aaron Bremer

17. George Howell Colombia El Cairo Lot 00600: A good coffee that was incredible when made at Flatlands, and still great when Brewed at home - the note of black cherry really stood out —David Hull, barista/ team leader

18. Peixoto Brazil Peixoto Washed: As one of the coffees I trained with, it was incredible as espresso - very bold without overpowering —David Hull

There ya' have it! Be sure to keep an eye out for these coffees this year and see what you think! 

...And please tell us, what were your favorite coffees and roasters of 2018? Please comment below and we'll try to keep an eye out for those this year!

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